Did you know that you can get compensation if your flight is delayed by more than three hours? This is possible within the European Union! But what are the rules and how do you get compensation? (Photo copyright: 123RF / Kasto)

What compensation can I get?

The compensation for a delayed flight varies from 125 to 600 euros. This depends on how long your flight was delayed and the distance of your flight.

  • 1500 km or less and a delay of minimum 3hrs: 250 euro
  • 1500 – 3500 km + delay minimum 3hrs: 450 euro
  • 3500 km max. and 3 till 4 hours delay: 300 euro
  • More than 3500 km and more than 4 hrs delay: 600 euro

What are the rules?

Please be aware that a couple of rules apply before you can claim your flight tickets at your airline. Most important is that this is a rule from the European Union so this is only applicable for airlines located within the EU. Also the flight has to depart from or arrive a country within the EU.

And in case of force majeure its also not possible to claim your tickets.

What is a force majeure reason?

A couple of reasons are force majeure. This means that the airline had no involvement in the delay or cancellation of your flight:

Technical problems are not a force majeure situation.

Strikes by third parties such as airport staff traffic control; (snow) storms or other bad weather conditions; terrorism; emergency medical landings and natural disasters.

What if my flight gets cancelled?

if your flight gets cancelled the airline has to take care of you by offering you:

  • Free drinks and meals in a reasonable relation to the delay;
  • The possibility to send 2 e-mail, fax or telex messages for free;
  • Free hotel accommodation if you have to wait 1 or more nights for the delayed flight;
  • Free hotel accommodation if your stay needs to be extended due to the delay;
  • Free transportation to and from the hotel accommodation and the airport

The airline has also give you compensation in case of cancellation of your flight when there is no force majeure situation:

  • € 250 for flights up to and including 1500 km;
  • € 400 for flights within the EU of more than 1500 km;
  • € 400 for flights outside the EU of 1500 to 3500 km;
  • € 600 for flights of more than 3500 km.

How to get my compensation?

You can send a complaint letter to the airline. Or you can contact an agency who can help you to get your compensation. These agencies work on a no-cure-no-pay base and will ask a certain percentage of your claim and only if your claim was succesful.

Airhelp is one of the agencies who can help you with your claim! Delayed flight? Check if you can get compensation!

Compensation for flight delay or cancellation — Link

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