Want to visit the Netherlands but don’t want to go to the busy Amsterdam? There are lot’s of alternatives. 5 tips for cities in The Netherlands otther than Amsterdam!


Utrecht is also the name of the capital of the province Utrecht. This city is build around the Dom tower. Utrecht is absolutely bursting at the seams with must-see attractions. Walking around the lively docks of the historical Oudegracht and the city centre, you’ll come across countless national monuments and world heritage sites. Rent a bicycle to explore impressive citadels, forts and castles around the city all within a half hours cycling distance from the centre.

Distance from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
• By train: 2 hours
• By car/taxi: 1hr 57

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Visit Utrecht located in the center of The Netherlands


All up in the north of The Netherlands you can find Groningen. City or province? Quiet tranquility or bustling energy? Are you are looking for a lively atmosphere, plenty of shopping, and to be amazed at the museum of modern art? Or would you rather go cycling, explore the mudflats and visit villages where time stood still. And Groningen has it’s own airport. You can fly directly from London to Groningen!

Distance from Groningen Aiport:
• By public transport: 32 min
• By car/taxi: 19 min

Distance from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
• By train: 2 hours
• By car/taxi: 1hr 57
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Groningen in the northern part of The Netherlands. Fly directly from London to Groningen


In the province North-Holland you can find this cheese city. From April till the end of September you can visit the cheesemarket every thursday. Or take the bus to a town called Broek op Langedijk where you can find the Broekerveiling. This is the first sail-through auction in the world. And Broek op Langedijk was also mentioned in the movie Spiderman!

Distance from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
• By train: 1 hour
• By car/taxi: 34 min
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The cheese market in Alkmaar


Maastricht is a city in the southern part of The Netherlands. Maastricht has plenty to from a boat trip on the Meuse, a concert by André Rieu, or a historical walk through the city. You can also go on a shopping or indulge your culinary interests.

You can get to Maastricht by flying to different other cities. One of those cities is Eindhoven. Check the timetable and get your tickets!

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