Everyone wants to fly cheap but what is the best time to book your flight? Flight tickets are changing every day and sometimes even every hour. We learn you how to find the most cheap flights on the internet!

Price of cheap flights depends on demand and supply and time.

Every airline compares the demand on their routes. Is the airline the only one flying on a route or is there a lot of competition? And what time of the year is it, are there a lot of passengers who want to fly to the sun during cold temperatures or is it the wintersport season? And is it a route travelling to or from big airports or local small airports who charge lower prices for the landing slots? All these considerations are taking into account by airlines.

5 tips to find your cheap flights!

Read the 5 tips below to find cheap tickets!

Tip 1: be flexibel for your time to travel

Most people think only weekends are suitable for citytrips. But that’s also the reason why prices are way higher. So if you want to visit a city don’t focus on saterdays and sundays to fly but change your selection to more days during the week or extend your stay. Flying back on Monday can be much cheaper than Sunday. Or visit your city from tuesday till friday.

Tip 2: change your departing and arrival airport

Airlines have to pay the airport for landing and departing to and from airports. Big airports charge more money to airlines than smaller local airports. So just change the airport during your search to a local airport. It can be further away from you so you will have to make more costs to the airport but it makes the tickets cheaper and in most cases local airports charge less for parking or they sometimes have their own busses to get you to the airport. So just calculate what it will save you in total to evaluate the price!

Tip 3: plan your citytrip early and book on time.

Airlines change prices depending on the demand. Every time passengers book a seat on the plane there will be less tickets available so the price can get up. So everyone in the plane can have a totally different prices for the exact same seat. The less seats available with less days to go before departing will raise the price.

According to research of Expedia its best to book your flight about 170 days on average before departure. Most people book their flights 57 days before departure. So it’s best to plan your citytrip on time!

Tip 4: wait for a last minute deal!

If the plane isnt fully booked on time it can also mean that the prices will get down. So it’s best to book your flight tickets very early or wait if a last minute is available. But remember that when it’s a popular route the change of getting a last minute will get lower and lower. You can also go to the airport and visit one of the ticketdesks and asks for last minute deals. It’s possible that there are tickets available to cities you haven’t thought about but if you like to get surprised this is something for you.

Tip 5: don’t give up and keep on searching cheap flights!

Use a tool to compare different airlines and prices and search for the cheapest flight. Change dates, airports and just play with the tool. Hold on and you will find cheap tickets although you might have to change your plans!

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