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European low-cost airlines

5 European low-cost airlines to fly cheap

We often get questions (from travellers living outside of Europe) about airlines in Europe they’ve never heard of. Are you living abroad and have you never heard of airlines like Ryanair or Transavia? Do you frequently have questions about them and do you want to know if they are reliable airlines? In this article you will learn more about European low-cost airlines and you will get more familiar with these airlines! We made a list of the five European low-cost airlines in a random order, take a look >>


Do you need a VISA

Visiting Europe with or without a visa?

Do you want to stay in Europe for a short period? In some cases you need a Visa to enter a country or to make your transit at the Airport. If you want to stay for a period up to 90 days, you may require a visa, depending on your nationality.

Visiting Europe without a visa

Nationals from the European Union, European Economic Area or Zwitserland don’t need to apply for a visa, but they must:

  • have a valid passport;
  • pose no threat to public order, national security or international relations.


barcelona brunch

Barcelona Brunch: Top 5 Best Spots

Blog by: Tales of Barcelona /  @Clairesturz

The residents of Barcelona love a good brunch, that’s for sure. And because here in Spain lunch doesn’t really start until 2pm at the earliest, we have the luxury of being able to lie in bed that much longer and only stumble to our favourite Barcelona brunch hangouts before 4 or 5pm to take advantage of the delicious menus.

Here’s my pick of the best, spread throughout the city: (more…)