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European low-cost airlines

5 European low-cost airlines to fly cheap

We often get questions (from travellers living outside of Europe) about airlines in Europe they’ve never heard of. Are you living abroad and have you never heard of airlines like Ryanair or Transavia? Do you frequently have questions about them and do you want to know if they are reliable airlines? In this article you will learn more about European low-cost airlines and you will get more familiar with these airlines! We made a list of the five European low-cost airlines in a random order, take a look >>


Amsterdam Dance Event 2016 - Where to go?

It’s time! Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2016 – But where do you need to go?

This years Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2016 is already the 21th edition! With more than 450 events, 2,200 artists, in 140 venues with 375,000 visitors in 5 days Amsterdam is the place to be. The whole dance scene comes together from October 19th to October 23th (which probably actually ends on monday the 24th). Stores, restaurants and even business centers are 5-days-club-wise-party-scenes. Like every year there is a congress part (especialy for business) and of course the electronic music part where people will live their dreams for meet and greats, can go to album releases of the most famous artist, but the main thing to do is party and… DANCE! But where do you need to go? Which party can’t you miss? made a ‘Top party list’ for you >>


Amsterdam Halloween festival

Amsterdam Halloween Festival

Halloween is a traditional event in the United States. But now you can also scare your friends and family with your most scary costume and bloody make-up in other parts of the world. For example, Halloween is getting more popular in Amsterdam. So that’s the reason Amsterdam has its own – multiple day – Halloween Festival. Here’s a list of events and parties during the Amsterdam Halloween Festival.


SAIL Amsterdam 2015

SAIL Amsterdam 2015

SAIL Amsterdam 2015 is the largest free public event in the world. Its inaugural edition took place in 1975 as part of celebrations marking Amsterdam’s 700th jubilee.

The event proved such a great success that a second edition was planned in 1980. In order to deliver solid direction, the SAIL Amsterdam Foundation was established in 1977. Ever since, SAIL has returned to Amsterdam’s waterways every five years to showcase the city’s maritime legacy.

SAIL Amsterdam 2015 takes place in and around Amsterdam’s IJ-haven from Wednesday 19 until Sunday 23 August 2015.

At the heart of this internationally renowned event is an immense flotilla of Tall Ships, maritime heritage, naval ships and impressive replicas. In addition to the vessels themselves, each day offers up a varied programme of cultural and sporting activities of broad public appeal.