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Amsterdam Public Transport

How to survive Amsterdam public transport?

Going from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to your hotel? Or moving around in Amsterdam? I’ll tell you how to get there by Amsterdam public transport.

Amsterdam public transport : from the airport to the train.

Take a direct train from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station. Follow the signs to the trains (located at the main entrance of the Airport) and go downstairs to get to the train platforms.

Buy your traintickets at the yellow machines upstairs. Buy a ticket or a ‘OV-chipcard’ to also use later in Amsterdam on every bus, tram or metro. Buy credit on the card at the ticketmachine and it’s ready to use. Don’t forget to check-in and check-out when you enter or leave the train. Otherwise you will get a ‘fine’ on your card and that means you will lose a part of your credits.

Tip: Remember don’t forget to check-in and check-out!


Amsterdam Public Transport Central Station
Amsterdam Central Station

Examples of other stations: Amsterdam Zuid (South) Amsterdam Amstel (near East and South), Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena (next to the soccerstadium) or Sloterdijk. At all these stations you can make a transfer to the tram/metro/bus.

Tip: Visit (website with all public transport options) or the ‘Nederlandse Spoorwegen’ at

Go to Amsterdam by train

It’s also possible to arrive in Amsterdam by international trains. The ‘Nederlandse Spoorwegen’ (NS) and other railway companies work together in the international network. For example you can book your tickets to Amsterdam at NS international, Thalys and Eurostar.


Amsterdam bus

If you have the OV-chipcard (see explanation above) you can check-in at the bus driver. It’s also possible to buy a dayticket at the bus driver or at the GVB ticket machines. For bustickets and prices visit the website of the Amsterdam public transport company

If you want to go from the airport to the center of Amsterdam, it’s recommended to take the train. But if you want to go to other parts of Amsterdam the bus might be an option. Check the website to check the fastest routes in Amsterdam public transport.



The Metro is just like the trams and most buses operated by the Amsterdam transport company GVB. Unfortunately Amsterdam Airport doesn’t have a direct connection to the Metro network yet, so you have take the train or bus first to make a transfer. Also the Northern part of Amsterdam  (Noord) will be connected to the Metro network in a couple of years.  At this moment you will have to take the bus or the boat to get to the Northern part. The Metro network in Amsterdam is not very big and isn’t operated 24hrs.

Amsterdam Public Transport Metro


Although the taxi isnt public, I want to tell you about it. If you take a taxi from Amsterdam Airport, follow the signs to the taxi stands. It’s recommended to make a reservation for your taxi at home. At the taxi platform you will find official drivers, but also many ‘non-official’ drivers. Some are wearing a shirt with ‘official taxi-driver’ on it to let you think that they’re the official taxidrivers and they try to let you pay a very high price!

So be aware, and make a taxi-reservation at home to make sure that you pay a reasonable price!

Tip: use Uber to make your taxi reservation.

What’s next?

This was all about Amsterdam public transport, but in the next blog I will tell you all about how most people in Amsterdam move around in the city… by bycicle! Hope you liked the blog and if you have other tips about how to move around in Amsterdam, please leave a comment!

Source pictures: Jolanda Fisser / GVB – Nederlandse Spoorwegen




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